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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beginner's Guide to Door-to-Door Fundraising

What You Need

> Nice clothing  - look presentable!
> a pen
> a clipboard
> a petition

The Numbers Game

Half of the doors you knock will open. These become "contacts."
Half of the contacts will sign.
Half of the signers will contribute.

The Presentation

1) Introduction
a) I AM: introduce yourself
b) WE ARE: introduce organization
c) WE DO: introduce the issue
d) WE WANT: let them know you are gathering signatures
- hand over the clipboard vertically so they grab it. let them read it. be the person to speak next. -

2) Body
a) PROBLEM: state the problem
b) SOLUTION: define the solution
c) CONFIRMATION: does your contact agree?
- once you have identified their support, use a brief sentence to clarify why the issue is important to them. -
- while they're signing explain how fundraising helps the campaign. "Great, your name shows you agree and the contributions get the work done. I'll let you know how folks are giving while you put down your name." -

3) Fundraising
a) No set amounts
b) Encourage checks or credit
c) Set a goal - start high!
d) Confirmation - ask if they can give that amount


1) Hi! I'm Alex from the Campaign for Liberty, which is a nonprofit working to educate elected officials and the general public on economic and Constitutional issues. Currently we're working on a petition to repeal Obamacare. Could you check it out?
- hand over the clipboard vertically so that they grab it and read it -

2) Obamacare raises taxes by over $600 billion, increases government spending, increases the national debt, and doesn't even accomplish its stated goal of providing health insurance coverage for all. That's why we want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a market solution that increases consumer choice and doesn't worsen our economic situation. Is this something you agree with?
- hand them the pen so they can sign. when they begin signing, launch into your fundraising rap. -

3) Great, your name shows you agree and the contributions get the work done. I'll let you know how folks are giving while you put down your name. There are no set amounts and we do encourage checks or credit for our safety. Right now, we're setting a goal of $36 per household; that'll give us $3 per month for the next year to run this campaign. Is that an amount you can give?
- you should be able to fundraise enough this way to give back to the organization AND keep yourself employed. -

What You Accomplish

Now you have a list of people who agree with you on this issue. Hopefully, you get their name, e-mail, phone number, and address. You can use this information to contact them regarding important legislation or local events they're invited to. Remember - always ask for contributions at your local events!

The list will make you a political force in your local community, since now you have a number of voters you can influence to vote the way you want them to. The money you fundraise keeps you employed but also gives the organization enough money to hold educational events and engage in direct mailings, etc.

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